Using a Potentiometer

When I started looking at how I would introduce the potentiometer I ended up doing a lot of reading. The Sparkfun tutorials were great. I decided to look at this first using the analog pins A0-A5 then after seeing this video and doing more research then using the pwm  function with digital pins 3,5,6,9,10 and 11. With […]

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mBlock Adding Control

Students will: use a button to control when a light sequence stops and starts I will use Scratch mode to immediately show the boolean state of a read digital pin block. I have connected the push button into pin 3. When I double click on the block the voltage is zero and it displays false.  When the […]

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mBlock and multiple LED’s

Next in this mBlock exploration for my class iBook is looking at how we can use multiple LED’s to create light patterns. Students will: solder LED’s to a common ground wire and an individual pin wire create blocks that turns the lights on and off in a sequence use variables and if statements to lessen the number of […]

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