Traffic Light

Added a traffic light project to the grade seven Coding and Robotics course. As I learn, I need to make the Coding and Robotics more integrated than I did the first time I taught it. Use the robotics possibilities  to add a physical dimension to what I teach. My first trial was with the Morse Code project where I used […]

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iBooks In My Coding Class

After trying it out for a semester and working out some issues this year all of my Coding and Robotics students will be creating iBooks based portfolios. I plan on using the reflections, photos, videos they add to this iBook for the assessment of their work. I created an iBook template that they all use.  When completed each student […]

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A Recent Letter

Had a number of people come through my room the other day and I was asked to add a little more to what they observed. The Middle School class you observed today is an example of how a micro-controller, the Hummingbird Duo, could be used as a simple output device  as part of a lesson […]

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Been a while and I have forgotten to add the new things I am learning for my personal PD my portfolio. Today I looked at sensors. In this lesson I looked at the ultrasonic sensor. This sensor emits a high frequency sound then waits for the echo of this sound. It measures time between the sending and receiving […]

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Playing With the Duo

Have finally started looking at running our Hummingbird boards in Arduino mode using text and Ardublock to create the code. Pretty obvious this will extend what can be done with the kit. With Scratch you create then run the code to manipulate the input and output devices. In Arduino mode you code in text or with […]

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