Last year we explored if statements and if statements with the five Hummingbird sensors. Students created code that cause a servo or motor or LED to react based on sensor readings. They used all 5 sensors, temperature, sound, potentiometer, light and distance. In the class this year the first year students will continue with this […]

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Design Hunt

In our design hunt activity I asked students to go for a walk and take photos of designed elements found at SSIS. I introduced the design hunt via a short keynote presentation, shown below in video form. This presentation introduced design and designed elements through a look at some of the new items in my room. During the […]

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The class I am using for the Thinking and Learning in the Maker-Centered Classroom course is my Coding/Robotics 8 class. This is a one semester long grade eight class where students use Scratch and the Arduino IDE to program the Hummingbird and Arduino microprocessor. I am in the process of changing what I have done in the past to look […]

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Traffic Light

Added a traffic light project to the grade seven Coding and Robotics course. As I learn, I need to make the Coding and Robotics more integrated than I did the first time I taught it. Use the robotics possibilities  to add a physical dimension to what I teach. My first trial was with the Morse Code project where I used […]

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