Bookery Note Widget

I added the Bookery Notes widget to my grade 6 iBook. This widget allows students to create notes that are then submitted to me via an email attachment. I tried this out with students creating notes on a Google presentation.  As I am  not crazy about having to open 25  different text attachments to look at what was written I started looking for some solution […]

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Dropbox Comments

I have started more of what I am doing. Getting back to older habits. Moving off the static school blog and into a space where I have more control over themes and the display of content. One item I have shared is different parts of the class iBook I have used. I am sharing these via Dropbox. I really […]

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Search Headache

Today was a bit of a headache. The presentation I was using with my students showed how to do a search by reading level. I tried it and it worked. A student tried it and it did not. We tried different locations .ca .hk still no luck. I did a search on how to search by reading level and found this. […]

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Fun Times In the Air!!

I’ve been trying out Tinkle and the Parrot Minidrone. Tinkle allows you to create code that you can then use to control the drone via Bluetooth. Think this has all sorts of fun possibilities. Set the speed to 30% and fly for 10 second and see how far you get. Try it a different speed percentage to see what […]

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IF Tools

I was asked a while back about Interactive Fiction games and why I used Quest instead of Inform 7. I know I looked at both a few years back when planning my Interactive Text unit. I remember thinking that the script block system of Quest was close to the block programming structure of Scratch and […]

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