Professional Development

Readings: Using Electronic Portfolios For Classroom Research
By H. Barrett

portfolio: is a collection of work that the learner has collected, selected, organized, reflected on and presented to demonstrate growth,

collection of individual pieces called artifacts

can make it easier for students to understand their own learning

assessment of learning summative assessment

assessment for learning formative assessment

Assessment for Learning
where the student is, where they need to go, how best to get there
the portfolio and artifacts are reviewed and the learner uses feedback for improvement
used with student lead conferences have potential to improve student self esteem

Assessment of Learning (summative)
required school mandated artifacts developed at the end of class term or project

this is one reason why I like the idea of benchmark audio files

structured around a set of outcomes and the data is collected for an external audience summative assessment reduces student motivation


portfolio as a tool that constructs meaning a laboratory where students construct accumulated experiences.

Research needed when looking at the difference between recording evidence of learning and student owned


Digital archive of work
A learner centered portfolio using learns voice
A database to collect assessment and rubrics

I wonder how the moodle portfolio module fits this?

student ownership in the process encouraged to produce artifacts stored in the system. interactive and reflective on the part of the student and teacher evaluated through a rubric student get feedback on improvement needs and data can be collected for reporting purposes.

Portfolio as a test and a story.

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