I know at one point, in our first few days back, we saw a template that had the input box for assessment divided into these two categories. I got lost trying to find the template within First Class but think I spoke about this to admin as it was not part of the atlasrubicon template. Though that was day one back in the UAE, perhaps the jet lag was playing tricks with my mushy mind: the only way I can describe jetlag although my wife seems to think it is just age.


Assessment———-Evidence of Assessement(have to add a wysiwyg interface so I can add tables to the blog)

I am not sure what the template creators meant by this but will get clarification. For me, however, this fits better with my thoughts and what I am setting up. The final summative unit assessment is the Digital Story. The evidence of assessment, which could be made up of multiple assessments both summative and formative, are the rubrics, quizes that I create as part of the unit activities. Maybe I have it backwards though.

Will have to ask the powers than know.


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