Portfolios This year

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I spent a fair bit of time last year setting up our WordPress system so we could aggregate content from each student’s blog into a grade level portfolio blog. I am still not sure what the best way of bringing this all together but the experiment last year showed that it could be done.

The next step is to make this part of student writing and provide the time, teach the skills and have my students begin adding artifacts to their blogs.

Last year I didn’t do enough with reflective prompts.  I found the portfolio prompt (along with the link to Chrissy Hellyer’s google doc) graphic,  on Wrapping My Head Around Digital Portfolios helpful . Add to this, Jon Mueller’s thoughts (Reflection on Samples of Work) and Peter Pappas’s “The Reflective Student: A Taxonomy of Reflection (Part II)” I think I  am getting a good idea of how I can improve.

For more portfolio links I have created a Diigo list with all of my current bookmarks and embedded them into a page on my blog

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