Hype Trial

Tried out Hype this weekend. A Mac only program that allows you to create animations and export them to create web pages using Javascript and HTML5.
I thought I would try to put together some images and embeds dealing with the blogging system at SSIS so these are my first attempts at learning how to use Hype.

This link shows you what it looks like as a standalone web page. Have tried an embed into this blog but none of the graphics show up. Also I had editing issues when I embedded HTML into a text container within Hype. The end result looked nice on my Ipad and the embedded videos worked great. Of course the embedded Voicethread did not show up, on my IPad, but that will hopefully change by the end of summer.

Also tried adding video directly to a slide instead of embedding the video but that looks different depending on which browser I use. (looks good in Safari though). Need to play with this some more and check out some of the warnings I get when I export a project.

Update:the Hype forum had a solution. Adding the direct path to my resources enabled the graphics to be seen. In addition, I did my embed by adding information to a custom field then used the custom field plugin to add the code to my post as mentioned on Digital Inspiration’s post How to Add Javascript to WordPress Posts and Pages.




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