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Still having some trouble understanding the GReader  and bundle approach to sharing blogs: more along the why side.
Forked Path in the Jungle

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I read this tweet by @intrepidteacher

There is a danger in thinking that a model that works for you is the best one, or even the right one. Be wary #techevangelists

Although his tweet is about something bigger it did made me wonder about an earlier post. Looking at easily accessing student blogs through RSS feeds. Should I look at bundles once again? Might be a way to create a list of student blogs that could then be shared easily with others. Might also be a better solution than the others I’ve tried.

The  wp-links-opml.php file in WordPress allows you to import link lists from one blog to another. You can use it to export an OPML file containing all the links you have in your blog. After the above tweet I looked at it more closely and made a change to the wp-links-opml.php file saved it as wp-links-feeds.php.  Going to a link like this, in Chrome or Firefox, containing this php file created a useable OPML file that I could import into my Greader account.

Using those feeds I could then create a Google bundle. I then tested this out using Hi Rin’s blog.

So I could:

  • have students add their names to a blog with a sidebar widget (add link widget plugin).
  • add each student to the link ( category you want.
  • use the wp-links-feeds.php file and create then download the OPML file. wp-links-feeds
  • upload the file to your Greader account.
  • create a bundle and share (had some trouble sharing a link to the bundle)

If this is all preset with the needed menus, categories, tags and links it would be a one step setup. Need to explore all of this some more.


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