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Really thought my next post would be about some of the games my grade 9’s are making using Game Salad. I still have to edit the poor video, of one of the games in action on my Iphone, that I made using a document scanner. Wonder if there is a better way to get at a this? Have added a short video below of what it looks like based on screenshots.

I stopped working on this because I am given a bit of time each day to work on our blogging system. So I spent the rest of  my prep time looking at the one last thing that was bothering me with my portfolio project. It bugs me that the blogroll OPML import does not add categories. This means that students and teachers need to add one extra step and add each imported link to the correct category. Today as I was looking for plugins I came across one that will remove this step.

I tested then added the Import Blogroll With Categories plugin (great name) to our installation. This adds a new OPML importing tool with one important difference as it also creates the Link Categories. So all I will need to do is create the categories and the link rolls and have students import them all into their blog.

Next step in this series of portfolio posts is to test all of this then if all goes well add a last post with a guide.



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