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I’m not sure what will happen to Posterous over the next little while but some people are speculating the service will eventually disappear. I have used the service off and on since 2008 so I thought I would move my content from Posterous to a new wordpress blog.  Wordpress has a Posterous importer but I didn’t have much success using it (you can read about how to use it here). After a  quick google search I ended up here and I followed the instructions to import my Posterous data. Basic steps were:

  • create a blog on
  • import your Posterous blog using the Posterous importer into this blog
  • from the tools menu export the blog on in a WXR format
  • from the tools menu import the WXR file into your new self hosted blog

So I imported everything and have a new micro blog setup called KwikPicks. This will end up taking the place of my Posterous blog. All I had left to do was to change some of the automatic posting tasks I had setup for Posterous.

I use Reeder to read my RSS feeds and many of the things I add to my micro blog comes from these feeds. To make this easier I setup different If This Then That (ITTT)  tasks that let me send content from Reeder to a service then back to a blog. For example, if I find a infographic I like in Reeder I use a zootool to blog workflow with IFTTT.  Click on the image I want to send to my blog and save the image to zootool with the tag teachnpick. IFTTT sends anything tagged with teachnpic to my  blog so in a little while the image becomes part of  a new blog post.

So my replacement blog is ready!



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