Goal Setting

As what is a yearly happening where I work I have a feeling that my job will once again change. That would make four possible changes in four years… lovely. This time, however, I feel lucky

Goal kick

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that I know about it early enough to consider a number of options. My current job, 40% technology facilitator, Math 8, Digital Media, and Information Technology teacher will change one way or another. EIther 100% technology facilitator or some mixture of math and technology classes.

One thing I have felt strongly about is that to do a great job as a facilitator it helps a lot to be in the classroom. You learn a lot more about integrating technology when you are actually doing it. So the role of 100% technology Facilitator does not sit all that well with me. I think it is a mistake but I also seem to be in the minority in viewing it this way!

Because of this I changed my goal for this year. My new goal is to look at how teaching one class (not the three I actually have to do) impacts my technology facilitator role. To, as we did in Abu Dhabi, start blogging about this then collecting it all once again with Mahara. I have been a bit lazy lately and not spending the time I should reflecting, writing, and sharing. Hopefully setting the goal will give me the kick I need.

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