mBlock and multiple LED’s

Next in this mBlock exploration for my class iBook is looking at how we can use multiple LED’s to create light patterns.

Students will:

  • solder LED’s to a common ground wire and an individual pin wire
  • create blocks that turns the lights on and off in a sequence
  • use variables and if statements to lessen the number of blocks needed to make the sequence work
  • explore other patterns

I will have students wire together LED’S to create light patterns. We will spend some time reviewing or learning how to solder and create a 5 LED setup that we will use with the Uno.

Once created they will connect the black wire group to ground and the other wire to pins on the Uno. In my example on the left I am using pins 12-7. The task will be to turn each LED on and off in order.  This is just extending the code we looked at in my last post. In my example I have added the variable duration to quickly change the time between turning lights off and on.

Students will look at the code for patterns. Can they create a variable to change pin number? Can they reset the this  variable so it starts again at 12?

Finally they will create other patterns?

A solution using a decrementing pin variable.


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