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Traffic Light

Added a traffic light project to the grade seven Coding and Robotics course. As I learn, I need to make the Coding and Robotics more integrated than I did the first time I taught it. Use the robotics possibilities  to add a physical dimension to what I teach. My first trial was with the Morse Code project where I used […]

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iBooks In My Coding Class

After trying it out for a semester and working out some issues this year all of my Coding and Robotics students will be creating iBooks based portfolios. I plan on using the reflections, photos, videos they add to this iBook for the assessment of their work. I created an iBook template that they all use.  When completed each student […]

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A Recent Letter

Had a number of people come through my room the other day and I was asked to add a little more to what they observed. The Middle School class you observed today is an example of how a micro-controller, the Hummingbird Duo, could be used as a simple output device  as part of a lesson […]

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Added The Estimote Beacon

Got the Estimote beacon! So I went back to the Locly videos to figure out what next. My iPad had some difficulty actually locating the beacon in the Locly app. Not sure why. I used the Estimote app to get information about the beacons and added them manually. Next step was to change the place information. […]

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Search Headache

Today was a bit of a headache. The presentation I was using with my students showed how to do a search by reading level. I tried it and it worked. A student tried it and it did not. We tried different locations .ca .hk still no luck. I did a search on how to search by reading level and found this. […]

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