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A bit funny and in some ways ironic. I upgraded Hype on my laptop today. This opened a few projects I had forgotten about. In this case a simple button based animation of the portfolio system and menu system I thought we could use. A classic case of overthink. Menu systems automatically created via OPML. […]

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For those of you waiting to use a more Scratch like programming language on the iPad Tickle has just been released to the App store. This is a Kickstarter I supported! Looks great so far and I think my students will have like it. I like that they will not only be able code using Tickle but […]

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Black Screens

I have used Apple Remote Desktop to share my screen so I can work through topics with my students. I’ve found that they are more focussed on what we are doing this way as compared to using the overhead. I can allow them  to use their desktop while observing me work through a few different examples when coding with Scratch. This […]

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An Afternoon

Played with themes today and made a switch to Canvas. Didn’t take that long although I still have a few things to add. Makes the site responsive so that’s nice.    

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Quiz Widgets

Been a while since I’ve added to my Personal Professional Development goal of learning more about how I can use iBook Author in the classroom so I thought I would look at BookWidgets. I have used the quiz widget found in BookWidgets to add quick formative assessments to my class iBook. BookWidgets has  number of other widget […]

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