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Projects In Canvas

I like the project feature in the Canvas theme. It lets you bring a number of sites, posts, and whatever you can think of and put them all together in one place. A nice way of sharing a  common theme. At least that’s the way I am using it. I created a new Interactive Fiction project […]

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Interactive Fiction Year 5

Year two of an interactive fiction unit is coming to a close. Year one is still up and running out of gDrive. This is the fifth time over the past few years that I have had students create interactive stories. The first few times back in the 90’s I used Supercard the past two years I have […]

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Quiz Widgets

Been a while since I’ve added to my Personal Professional Development goal of learning more about how I can use iBook Author in the classroom so I thought I would look at BookWidgets. I have used the quiz widget found in BookWidgets to add quick formative assessments to my class iBook. BookWidgets has  number of other widget […]

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OS X Menu Items

One thing that new users to the Mac OS might not know about is the option key and how it is used with the menu bar. If you go to the sound preference  in system preferences you are given the option to Show Volume in the Menu Bar. When you click on the Sound Icon you can increase or decrease the volume. Click […]

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Student iBook Sample

Along with an exploration of iBook Author I am interested in what students can do with this application. The video below shows a student that can: use Keynote create a Keynote widget for iBook author animate with Hype create an animated video and add it to iMovie to add an audio track use Hype to embed Youtube […]

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