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On October 22, 2014 By

Some kids just attack this stuff. As his Dad said in our meetings today “it’s too bad that this wasn’t taught last year”. Fortunately things are changing and moving back to where they were a few years back.

Task is to create a game that has a help screen, start menu, and a number of other […]

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On June 18, 2014 By

I remember listening to my colleagues talking about the variety of scripts they used when using Google Docs. My only comment was that I wondered how that would all change with Google Classroom. They asked if it was something I had seen. Well, at that point I had not, but I thought it would likely […]

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Quick Tip

On May 27, 2014 By

There is always something interesting online. I like using twitter to help me save things. Although I could favourite a tweet I like having everything in one of two places Diigo or Evernote. I have used IFTTT to create actions that move tweets automatically. For example, you could favourite a tweet then have the tweet sent to […]

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Finished the video artifacts for one of my goals for this year, embedded an overview below. Learnt a lot during this exploration and am planning on creating iBooks for my tech classes next year.

Goal:to explore and use tools that help with differentiation in my Math Eight class.

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TTT and Moodle

On May 20, 2014 By

Last weeks TTT’s made me think of a lot of things and I have a few drafts yet to publish.

One thing I learnt at the PD sessions was that I approach the information I put out on Moodle differently than the others I was with. My belief is that you make the student content (what the student […]

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iPad Gif Test

On May 14, 2014 By

Was reading about a Youtube download extension that I downloaded and tried. I started wondering again how this could be done on an iPad. I have not had much luck with the different apps that said they could download Youtube videos. Finally just tapped and held on the video in iCab and found that this […]

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Test #tag

On May 14, 2014 By

Test post

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