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Using a Potentiometer

When I started looking at how I would introduce the potentiometer I ended up doing a lot of reading. The Sparkfun tutorials were great. I decided to look at this first using the analog pins A0-A5 then after seeing this video and doing more research then using the pwm  function with digital pins 3,5,6,9,10 and 11. With […]

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mBlock Adding Control

Students will: use a button to control when a light sequence stops and starts I will use Scratch mode to immediately show the boolean state of a read digital pin block. I have connected the push button into pin 3. When I double click on the block the voltage is zero and it displays false.  When the […]

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mBlock and multiple LED’s

Next in this mBlock exploration for my class iBook is looking at how we can use multiple LED’s to create light patterns. Students will: solder LED’s to a common ground wire and an individual pin wire create blocks that turns the lights on and off in a sequence use variables and if statements to lessen the number of […]

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Class Notes-Getting Started

Blink using mBlock and an Arduino Pin 13 has an LED incorporated into the board. So we can use that to see if everything is working. We will start in Scratch mode. Try these blocks out. This is similar to what we have done with Scratch and the Hummingbird. We are setting pin 13 high or […]

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mBlock Scratch like Coding for Arduino

I have tried out mBlock over the past two days. This will be a nice way for my Robotics kids to start looking at using the arduino. mBlock, based on Scratch, provides a block based interface to coding the arduino. It has two different modes. While tethered via usb you can experiment with the blocks starting and stopping any action […]

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