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iBooks In My Coding Class

After trying it out for a semester and working out some issues this year all of my Coding and Robotics students will be creating iBooks based portfolios. I plan on using the reflections, photos, videos they add to this iBook for the assessment of their work. I created an iBook template that they all use.  When completed each student […]

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Been a while and I have forgotten to add the new things I am learning for my personal PD my portfolio. Today I looked at sensors. In this lesson I looked at the ultrasonic sensor. This sensor emits a high frequency sound then waits for the echo of this sound. It measures time between the sending and receiving […]

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Bookery Note Widget

I added the Bookery Notes widget to my grade 6 iBook. This widget allows students to create notes that are then submitted to me via an email attachment. I tried this out with students creating notes on a Google presentation.  As I am  not crazy about having to open 25  different text attachments to look at what was written I started looking for some solution […]

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Robotics at SSIS

Last year we decided to add Robotics to our Middle School Technology offerings. I was given the freedom to choose the tool for this class. As we have taught Scratch here for the past seven years I was hoping to find something that would allow us to make “robots” but also allow the students to use their Scratch […]

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