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Conference Reminders

Before our student lead conference one of my students, Sue, spent some time answering questions about the code that Ben had come up with. The questions involved the use of parameters. I have introduced this to them but I think I will need to do a better job of introducing and revisiting this each year. I […]

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Interesting Start

Have had a couple of wait a second moments as we started this year. Looked at formative and summative assessment once again. Flashback to pre 2005 but in this space just 2006. Questions about blogging: Rubrics (not sure when I found things on the web to create this). Menus, categories and tags…. Portfolios… Portfolio Thoughts Categories and […]

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IF Tools

I was asked a while back about Interactive Fiction games and why I used Quest instead of Inform 7. I know I looked at both a few years back when planning my Interactive Text unit. I remember thinking that the script block system of Quest was close to the block programming structure of Scratch and […]

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As I come to the end of my Scratch unit and I start reflecting on what I will keep or change I am also thinking about the differentiation possible with coding. Over the years one assignment that I have used, when teaching Java and Scratch, is a slope assignment. You can find this and more at this site (Computational […]

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IF Update

Finished with the Interactive Fiction unit. I must admit I had a lot of fun with this one. Using the interactive fiction software Quest, trying out EverWeb, testing using gDrive to host a web site (something kids will use next year) creating screencasts and editing them in iMovie I learnt a lot! The last little while the kids […]

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