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Conference Reminders

Before our student lead conference one of my students, Sue, spent some time answering questions about the code that Ben had come up with. The questions involved the use of parameters. I have introduced this to them but I think I will need to do a better job of introducing and revisiting this each year. I […]

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Kids Teaching Scratch

I haven’t attended a conference in a long time. This year was a bit different as a major conference was at my school. So I made plans for my students to take part by demonstrating how they used Scratch and the Hummingbird board to create a project. Kids did fantastic and it was a great […]

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Traffic Light

Added a traffic light project to the grade seven Coding and Robotics course. As I learn, I need to make the Coding and Robotics more integrated than I did the first time I taught it. Use the robotics possibilities  to add a physical dimension to what I teach. My first trial was with the Morse Code project where I used […]

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Playing With the Duo

Have finally started looking at running our Hummingbird boards in Arduino mode using text and Ardublock to create the code. Pretty obvious this will extend what can be done with the kit. With Scratch you create then run the code to manipulate the input and output devices. In Arduino mode you code in text or with […]

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I am placing all of my class content into an iBook creates with iBook author. One tool I use is dropittome. This allows me to send a file via an upload form to my gDrive or Dropbox account. I can add this feature to an iBook via a Hype created iFrame embed of the dropittome website. […]

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