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iBook Author and ePubs

You can import ePubs into iBook Author as of the last update. This makes a few things I did last year a lot easier. To create a custom Math Text in an iBook format you could create it on then download the ePub. Import the ePub into iBook author as shown on the slides […]

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Adding an Animation

As I am back in a Mac lab environment I plan on using Hype with my classes. Adding an animation to an iBook is made a lot easier with Hype 2.0. I took screen shots of the different scratch components I wanted and animated them. Then I took a screencast of the output in scratch and converted […]

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Scratch Widget

In the iBook I am making for my robotics&programming class I want to include examples of the different programs that students create. As my final destination is iBooks on the Mac I have used an iframe embed to add some sample Scratch games. Using what I found here I modified a few lines, adding the Scratch embed information. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> […]

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PD This Year

Eight years ago the school I worked at began using the work of Charlotte Danielson to guide our conversations about teaching and the creation of a professional growth plan. As I was interested in using an electronic portfolio I began using Mahara to create, collect and display what I learned. Fast forward to today and we have […]

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