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Fun Times Ahead

Next year in my Coding and Robotics class in addition to using Scratch and the Hummingbird Robotics kits I plan on creating a number of exploration centres. So I will create programming activities using Tickle and iPads that will control our Ollie, Parrot Mini Drone and Spheros. Another centre, will use some of the ideas provided by LittleBits and create […]

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Working With Safari

I was reading a post about different extensions you could use to clean up text on a web site. The post went on to describe one of the features of the tool was that you could combine the different pages as a pdf and read them. The extension mentioned could be added to Safari. However, this […]

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Added The Estimote Beacon

Got the Estimote beacon! So I went back to the Locly videos to figure out what next. My iPad had some difficulty actually locating the beacon in the Locly app. Not sure why. I used the Estimote app to get information about the beacons and added them manually. Next step was to change the place information. […]

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view of Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes you read a blog post that reminds you to try something out. This week, via a Hype tweet, I was reminded about beacons. The blog post, on the Locly blog, described how you could use beacons with Hype. Because of this I started looking at them again and ordered some from Estimote (by way of China) so I could experiment […]

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