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Bookery Note Widget

I added the Bookery Notes widget to my grade 6 iBook. This widget allows students to create notes that are then submitted to me via an email attachment. I tried this out with students creating notes on a Google presentation.  As I am  not crazy about having to open 25  different text attachments to look at what was written I started looking for some solution […]

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Updating Software

I use Apple Remote desktop for a number of things. Sharing my screen with students instead of using the projector, copying updates of my class iBook to student machines, sending messages to all machines for the start of a class are just a few of them. Today I updated the lab to Yosemite 10.10.3 and […]

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File Upload Widget

I was looking on the Bookery for a way to have students upload their Scratch projects to me from within their class iBook. Didn’t find anything and I thought about using JotForm. Using JotForm I created a file upload form. When the form was created I linked it to my Dropbox account. Then from the Embed […]

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Quiz Widgets

Been a while since I’ve added to my Personal Professional Development goal of learning more about how I can use iBook Author in the classroom so I thought I would look at BookWidgets. I have used the quiz widget found in BookWidgets to add quick formative assessments to my class iBook. BookWidgets has  number of other widget […]

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Student iBook Sample

Along with an exploration of iBook Author I am interested in what students can do with this application. The video below shows a student that can: use Keynote create a Keynote widget for iBook author animate with Hype create an animated video and add it to iMovie to add an audio track use Hype to embed Youtube […]

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