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On March 10, 2014 By

Am happy with the update to VideoScribe.

Before the update every time I would start the program it would download essential data, over and over, and sometimes crash. The downloads took a while and turned me off using it. Now the essential updates are downloaded once then only when there is something new. All Graphics are [...]

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On February 13, 2014 By

An email today…..

Dear Zootool users,

after months of struggling we are very sorry to tell you that Zootool is shutting down on March, 15th 2014.

We had plans to convert Zootool into a distributed software. Everyone would have their own Zoo app running on their own server or computer. Unfortunately the financial situation didn’t [...]

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Back to iBooks

On February 13, 2014 By

It has been a while since I played with iBook Author but I spent some time this week, once again, looking at creating an iBook using CK12-org material. Currently my Math Eight class is looking at linear functions so I found material that would be of use to them. I also spent time looking at [...]

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Was trying to create a screencast of how to add copyright friendly music to an iPad iMovie project using documents. I realized that screenflow, the screencasting software I usually used was not licensed on my school computer. So I went back to using Quicktime player. To screencast using quicktime player you need to use Soundflower [...]

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Badge Exploration Part Two

On December 12, 2013 By

Reworked everything and the BadgeOS based blog is close enough to use. Although this  is WordPress it’s not really a blog but a tracking system. Like the stars on grid paper I remember my grade seven teacher using more years ago than I care to share! In those days [...]

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Classroom Videos

On November 16, 2013 By

I have changed a few things that I started doing last year. This is due, to some extent, because of administrative feedback but mainly because the kids are different. In early October 2013, I was busy flipping my class and making videos using Screenflow. I used quick feedback tools like Socrative and [...]

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Trying Out Kaizena

On November 11, 2013 By

Well not really back but I have not been publishing as much lately.

When I read about Kaizena I thought I would try it out and try make a screencast as I played around with the service. I quite like it! Basically you allow access to your gDrive then select the document you want to add, [...]

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