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Miller, like every math teacher I talked to, says schools are pushing too many middle-school kids into algebra. “Many of the concepts in algebra are abstract,” Miller says, “and if children are not developmentally ready to deal with abstraction, you can turn them off to math forever. Even the best students who can pull off As in eighth-grade algebra by just memorizing eventually end up realizing they did not really learn it.”

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After hearing and reading some of my colleagues comments about rigour and the need to fail to get better I thought this article was interesting.

Free Tools To create and Administer Quizzes

Gone are the days when teachers would spend hours creating a single quiz. Technology has now facilitated the task making it very easy to generate quizzes very quickly and in different forms.The following are some of the best free tools available online that can help teachers create quizzes.

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Keep forgetting about Hotpotatoes. I used to use it a lot six seven years ago. Some useful tools to get people here thinking about real formative assessment.