applescript – Making Folders Hide and Unhide

When I created my automator service I used the information below. This link does a great job of explaining how to create the automator service.

on run if “chflags hidden ~/Desktop/*” then do shell script “chflags nohidden ~/Desktop/*” else do shell script “chflags hidden ~/Desktop/*” end ifend run

via applescript – Making folders hide and unhide – Stack Overflow.

Adding Coding to the Curriculum –

Teachers “are using it like candy: ‘If you finish your work, we can do 10 minutes of the computer science tutorials at the end of class as a treat,”’ she said.

via Adding Coding to the Curriculum –

Not integrated into a class or as a class on it’a own but an after the real work is done activity. For some reason the idea of using coding at the end of class as a treat strikes me as being a bit funny.