applescript – Making Folders Hide and Unhide

When I created my automator service I used the information below. This link does a great job of explaining how to create the automator service.

on run if “chflags hidden ~/Desktop/*” then do shell script “chflags nohidden ~/Desktop/*” else do shell script “chflags hidden ~/Desktop/*” end ifend run

via applescript – Making folders hide and unhide – Stack Overflow.

Apple Pay First Impressions – Terry Whites Tech Blog

Since there was an office supply item I needed I decided to order it with the Staples app and pay with Apple Pay. I fired up the Staples app and searched for the the item I wanted. I added it to my cart and tapped check out. Once I got to the checkout screen I had the option of either signing in to my Staples account, checking out as a guest or tapping the Apple Pay button. Once I tapped the Apple Pay button I was able to then choose which card I wanted to use, which address I wanted to ship my order to and which phone number and email address I wanted to use for shipping the order.

via Apple Pay First Impressions – Terry Whites Tech Blog.

Boy after reading this I imediately thought of PayPal. Guess they saw it a lot earlier. Might take more than an add though.

Pay Pal