Blog Based Portfolio

Looking at how you can use a wordpress blog as an electronic portfolio.

You know looking all the way back to 06 it does make me smile a bit. Am missing a number of online course related posts in 06 and 07 from issues I had when I changed domains and moved the blog. Was surprised at how much junk I looked at and wrote and am sure I missed the odd post as well. 

Makes me appreciate administrators and others a bit more.

Professional Development 06
Bringing Home the Blogs 09
Blogging System Notes 10
Brainstorming For Next Year 10
Eportfolio Thought 10
Working With WordPress and Eportfolios 10
Portfolios This Year  10
Adding Powerpoint to Our Eportfolio (yuch) 10
What We’ve Been Doing 11
Templates For Categories 11
Getting Ready 11
Getting Ready-Part 1 11
Finding a Path 11
Fork In The Path 11
Getting Ready Part 2 11
Blogroll Revisited 11
Looking F0r Artifacts 12
Dragon Blogs 12
Portfolio Season 14