Looking at Making

I am involved with an online course “Thinking and Learning in the Maker-Centred Classroom“. Each unit we take explores some facet of the maker experience. I think the course is well done and worth taking. The course timeline, unfortunately, does not mesh well with my teaching timeline. The activities in each of the course sections lead to the next session  and I felt alternatives that were offered such as try this with you children, wife were not all that authentic.  Because of this I am basically auditing the course and then following a timeline that makes sense to my classes and work situation. This means, however, I will miss many of the forum discussions that would have given me a more interesting perspective on the experience of others.

The course requires you keep a running journal of the activities you do with your students. This wordpress project is where I am keeping track of my experiences.

Class Work

Design Hunt
 (due June 10)
Design Hunt Samples